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The experience of Betty is by using equally Output & Postproduction facets of film making and visualeffects producing for a total of over twenty years; to incorporate being a news videographer and then a Today Show Information Point having an NBC affiliate. John's idea inside the significance of the tradition of the organization has gained him the respect of numerous gifted visual effects boutique individuals who continue to help with making VFX a fruitful and evolving pressure while in the visual effects business. Since that time he has been nominated for four Visual Effects Culture prizes, including the 2013 nomination for National Geographic: Mysteries of the Unseen World inside the Excellent Visualeffects in an Unique Area Task category. In 2008 Rebecca joined Eden FX where she was launched towards the visualeffects earth.

Started in '09 by Ray Pena and Greg Omelchuck, masters of the gaming industry, MoontowerVFX has generated itself as animation businesses in Texas and one of the utmost effective visualeffects. MoontowerVFX is well known because of its diverse account of function, visualeffects for information, ads, video-game cinemas and movie, internet promotions, augmented reality, and many more.

Steve's notion within the importance of the lifestyle of the business has won the respect of numerous skilled individuals who continue to make VFX asuccessful and developing drive while in the visualeffects industry to him. Since that time he has been nominated for four Visualeffects Society honors, like the 2013 nomination for Geographic: Mysteries of the Hidden Earth inside the Excellent Visualeffects in an Unique Place Project group. In 2008 Eden FX where she was introduced to the visualeffects earth was registered by Rebecca.