Nissan WoN't Recall Murano Transmission Despite Major CVT Issues

They stated that they could only include $400.00 of the repairs and that I could be directed by them to a different indication technician who'd restore the car. Good luck, with a lot of others having issues, ensure the seller is aware of this dilemma and make it is covered by sure they are! And they both understand it seems like that neither of these may stepup and cover the cost for these research work projects problems and that you'll find problems with this CVT Transmission. This is caution which can be on account of transmission system layout or a big failure not really a particular scenario. I believe that a the transmission design is great, but the safety factor is might be limited.

Anyone who includes an Indication failure because of flawed style and stress alarm please post your complaint to this site: This is the national highway transportation security government and handles these kinds of manufacturers and protection issues that do not need to acknowledge disorders inside their goods. Although they did not include the transfer-case, I nevertheless completed the paperwork and directed it in for compensation. The attacks extended warranty does not cover the transfer case browse the horror tales submitted within this community alone.

Yes, the thing isn't just with April Muranos... these to even this very day nonetheless possess the transfercase design flaw that is same. Termed the support department and was told to eliminate the air cleaner uncover and address the oxygen warning inside the intake tubing. It is something to truly have a realize problem using a layout, it's another to profit in the customer's cost from the design problem.